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For the construction industry; it is a field of engineering with a sole focus on building safe, working and energy efficient structure for humans. The Mechanical part of the MEP discipline is about HVAC systems heating, ventilation and air-conditioningand the Electrical part refers to the power supply and Plumbing addresses water supply and drainage of wastewater. Why are MEP drawings important to the construction industry? Construction MEP drawings help to visually communicate how MEP components should be constructed and how will they function.

They are widely used to convey ideas across the construction industry. To make Coordination Drawings understandable, expert CAD drawing and drafting companies use familiar symbols, units of measurement, and notation systems. Additionally, each trade is coordinated with the building structure and architecture, such that there are no conflicts between ceiling and structural members. Upon establishing the routing and elevations for the HVAC a composite coordinated shop drawing that overlays or incorporates all the services on a single and main MEP coordinated shop drawing is created.

Then MEP coordinated shop drawings are signed off by all those involved in the construction project; allowing each the subcontractor to create detailed duct shop drawings, plumbing shop drawings, fire protection shop drawings, etc.

Only an expert and experienced professional CAD service provider can save several man-hours of labor in the field for an installing contractor, hence maximizing profits on a particular project. Penetration drawings are prepared for mechanical, electrical and plumbing items that pass through an opening in a wall or floor. It includes items like pipes, electrical conduits, electrical cables, and ducts.

Piercing these items carefully into the wall or floors is necessary, as they create a space between the surroundings and penetrant. These drawings help contractors with necessary views with appropriate clearance. It is done for dimensions, elevations, and annotations. No fabricator can imagine workshop fabrication or onsite installation without shop drawings. These types of MEP drawings are made with help of standard codes applicable to the project.

Block-out drawings are useful for cement and steel contractors. Knowhow about where to leave space on floor and ceiling cutouts for various MEP systems is a challenge that is addressed using these drawings.

Sleeve drawings as a subset of these drawings are used to ensure that the holes left between the walls and floor are placed properly for piping and ductwork. The spool is known to be the assembly of components which are prepared in a workshop and then shipped to the installation site. Pipe spool drawings are used to gather information required by fabrication workshops to accurately assemble the spool.

Construction projects with intense mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements face the risk of interference.This position is no longer accepting applications. Ref: KP Project Director. Fish People Consulting is a specialized search we prefer to use the term fishing, which we believe is more appropriate description of the business that we are in organization which focuses on the non-active job-seekers for filling the important and strategic roles for our clients.

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MEP Clearance delay : Tower Project : Interior Sub Contractor

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Jobs in related categories. Jobs in UAE Civil Engineering Jobs Fish People Consulting Jobs 0. Job Alerts by Email. Personalised updates on latest career opportunities Insights on hiring and employment activity in your industry Typically sent twice a month.

Sign up for job alerts. Other Services. Tell us your feedback.You may have heard friends who are joining the military discussing how they have to go to MEPS and how exciting it is. What exactly is MEPS? Once you have gone through initial questioning phases with your recruiter and have discussed your options, your recruiter will set an appointment for you to go to the nearest MEPS.

Everything together should take 2 days, though there are some situations that may make things shorter or longer. Others will embark to basic training immediately following MEPS.

MEPS is a Department of Defense joint-service organization staffed with military and civilian professionals. MEPS personnel determine applicants' physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards as set by each branch of military service. Each service combines the test section results to produce its own unique scores for various career fields.

If so, tell your recruiter or your test administrator, because you may not be required to take the test. Physical examinations are vitally important because everyone entering the armed forces must be in good health to endure the challenges of basic training and military service.

You will have to remove your outer clothing during parts of the examination. Your physical examination consists of:. Remember that many conditions can be waivered, but you must provide appropriate documentation! The MEPS will provide a drape or gown for you during the physical examination. Your visit with the physician will be in a private room. Underclothing is required during your physical. A female attendant will accompany you when you must remove your clothing.

You will also be given a pregnancy test. Medical technicians will give you instructions on how to complete a questionnaire on your medical history before the physical examination begins.

You may find it helpful to talk with your parents about any childhood diseases or medical problems you have experienced before going to the MEPS.

Most applicants will share a room with another applicant and are expected to be considerate of other guests and hotel property. You will pay only for extras, such as telephone calls. After you have met the physical and CAT-ASVAB standards of the branch of service you have selected, a service liaison counselor will tell you about job opportunities and the enlistment agreement. You are making important decisions and need to be informed. Service liaison counselors can explain each program and answer your questions.

When in doubt A final interview, fingerprinting for a FBI check and pre-enlistment briefing will be completed before you take the oath of enlistment.

mep clearance

Members of your family are welcome to watch you take the oath. A waiting room is available for them.Mental health is a security concern because it influences how a person perceives the world, makes decisions, and manages stress.

mep clearance

The fact that an individual has had, or continues to have, an emotional, mental, or psychological condition does not, by itself, preclude granting access to classified information.

The issue is whether the individual's condition causes, or may cause, poor judgment or unreliable, untrustworthy, or dysfunctional behavior. Many people, perhaps most people, experience some form of stress that threatens their self-image at some time in their lives. They experience failure to compete effectively with their peers; perceive injustice at the hands of a supervisor or employing organization; are terminated from a job under circumstances that prompt resentment; feel rejected or betrayed by a spouse; confront serious financial or medical problems; or are tempted by a seemingly easy opportunity for illegal monetary gain.

Emotionally stable and well-adjusted individuals generally respond to these experiences in positive ways: by learning from them, adjusting their expectations, working harder, or sticking with their core values.

Individuals who are unstable or poorly adjusted, have a significant character weakness, or suffer from mental illness may react in ways that are self-destructive, counterproductive, or illegal.

They may harm the organization by actions that run the gamut from absenteeism to self-serving decisions, theft, fraud, sabotage, or espionage. The potentially disqualifying conditions are quite general. Some of the more specific circumstances that may be disqualifying under these guidelines include the following:.

The potential security significance of a psychological condition depends upon how it affects the subject's judgment, reliability or trustworthiness, its severity intensity and duration of symptomswhether there has been appropriate treatment or whether the condition is typically responsive to treatment, and the judgment of a qualified mental health consultant about possible recurrence and what else might happen in the future.

Important categories of disorders include anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and phobias; mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorders; cognitive disorders such as dementia; personality disorders such as antisocial, paranoid, schizotypal, or borderline personality disorder; and schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. As stated earlier, the existence of a psychological condition does not preclude the granting of a security clearance.

Some conditions are unrelated to security issues and others can be mitigated by ongoing treatment or other factors. If indicators of a psychological condition are reported, additional inquiries should be made and consultation with a qualified mental health professional should be considered.

Get a FREE assessment. The following list provides examples of some of the most commonly observed clinical indicators of a possible mental health problem. These indicators are sometimes identified during investigative interviews with supervisors, coworkers, friends, and neighbors. There are a number of other observable behaviors that relate to issues under Personal Conduct as well as the Psychological Conditions guideline.

These behaviors are often found in persons who commit espionage or other white-collar crimes. They are also found to some degree in many law-abiding and successful individuals, so they are not disqualifying by themselves.

Lying at meps and security clearence?

However, they can and should be part of a whole-person evaluation when there is other adverse information about the individual. When self-initiated, treatment is often a favorable indication that the subject recognizes the problem and is taking care of it. This voluntary action is positive evidence of reliability and a willingness to fulfill personnel security responsibilities.

Military and civilian personnel on tours in combat areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan have been subjected to extreme stress that often requires some form of mental health counseling, and this does not need to be reported on the security questionnaire. DoD Instruction Promote a culture that encourages delivery and receipt of counseling. Eliminate barriers to and the negative stigma associated with seeking counseling support. Empower leaders to advocate for those in their charge to receive counseling.

Provide easy access to a continuum of counseling support to include prevention, early intervention, and treatment to enhance coping and build resilience. View counseling support as a force multiplier enhancing military and family readiness. The security questionnaire exempts reporting of marital or family counseling that does not involved the use of violence.I want to into enlist in the coast guard and I ran into a potentially huge problem In my recruiting process.

I talked to my recruiter and he said In order to get into the coast guard they run a security clearance before you head off to basic. I already went through meps and swore in and this is the run down. The problem Is that I lied about a medical and drug things while I was at meps. The first was when I smoked 3 times while I high school im 17 and the last time I smoked was at 14 and I never got caught and also when I had asthma when I was little and never used an inhaler after the age 9 but I marked no on the meps medical sheet anyway.

Also I went to my dads country El salvador a few times over the past 6 years to visit family. Will this be a problem to? What do they check for in a secret clearance? Whats going to happen? I fell into the belief that me serving my country is so important that im willing to lie.

I know I shouldnt have but im 17 and have no idea what im could do if I didn't join. Guys I was going to put the trips to el Salvador on the clearance form why biggest concern is will they find out I lied about my asthma when they do the clearance search.

Simply, your lies will catch up with you and if you manage to sneak past to swear in you can spend every day of your service wondering when they will be coming to get you to file Fraudulent Enlistment charges against you. Either tell the truth and serve honorably or stay home.

mep clearance

Lying is not an option that works. Since you must grant the military unrestricted access to all legal, educational, and medical records, and your trips to El Salvador are in the Federal database you are sure to be caught at some point in time. As for these MORONS who are telling you to lie and any Recruiter who tells someone to lie just realize this - WHEN you are caught none of these people is going to be standing beside you when you face a possible Court Martial and your Recruiter will simply say, "I would never tell any Recruit to lie," and he is off the hook.

They will have a record of you going to another country. The OPM will question you as to why you did not report this.

One trip I can see you saying, oh I forgot, but several times. You are now looking at a federal crime for lying on an official government form.

As someone with a security clearance, I know what questions they ask and I know the section where they ask you if you have visited any other countries. It is direct and to the point and can not be misunderstood. You deliberately left out information they asked for. You are looking as the least a discharge from the military and possibly federal charges for lying on an official government document. Just to let you know the OPM does not play around when it comes to security clearances especally after the whole Erik Snowden deal.

The Secret to Transparent Glass and MEP Clearance Zones

As long as no one is going to say "Yeah, me and Riley used to burn a joint every day after school Asthma after 13 is a DQ- if you don't have it in your medical records- I doubt they'd say anything. I saw an article the other day about this, let me check my history real fast and I will get back with the link. My recruiters told me to lie to USMC he told me its just there to make sure we follow orders when he says to say no to everything and act like wear as innocent as a baby dont sweat it man.

Just stick to your lie. Your recruiter told you to lie for a reason. If he didnt want you in the service he wouldve told you to say yes lets just put it that way. Trending News. Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'.Nobody can tell you what your chances of waiver approval are, as you consider joining the military. No two waivers are alike. The process starts when you complete the medical pre-screening form at the recruiter's office.

The recruiter sends this up to MEPS, asking for a medical examination appointment. Now, MEPS does not belong to any particular branch of service. It's what's known as a joint command and operates independently from all service branches. A doctor at MEPS reviews the form. If there are any potentially disqualifying medical conditions listed, MEPS may contact the recruiter to ensure you bring a copy of your civilian medical records relevant to the condition with you to the examination.

Sometimes the doctor doing the review will determine you have a medical condition that is disqualifying with little or no chance of a waiver. In such cases, MEPS may disqualify you on the spot and refuse to do the medical examination. If this happens, your journey into military service has ended.

There is no appeal to this decision. It is technically possible for the recruiting commander of the service you're trying to join to go over MEPS to request a medical waiver from their medical command, but this is rare. Once your medical examination is complete, you are determined to be either "medical qualified for military service," or "medically disqualified for military service," according to the medical standards set by DoD.

There are two types of disqualifications: temporary and permanent. Temporary means that you currently have a disqualifying medical condition, but that will change with time.

An example might be that you can't enlist with a broken toe, but once it heals, assuming no complications, the condition will no longer be disqualifying and you'll be able to enlist without a waiver.

Permanent means you have a disqualifying medical condition that isn't going to change with time, such as a history of depression. You can't enlist with a permanent medical disqualification unless you receive an approved waiver. If you are found to be permanently disqualified, the MEPS doctor will indicate on your medical form whether a waiver is recommended in your case.

It is the first step in the medical waiver process. When making the recommendation, the doctor will consider the following:. Once the doctor makes a recommendation, MEPS is done with the medical waiver process.A letter of clearance is issued to a recipient, giving them the authority to proceed.

Clearance letters can be applied to many scenarios, though are often used when licenses are involved. For example if a licensed professional such as an insurance broker moves their operation to a different state, they are required to obtain a letter of clearance to authorize them to continue business.

Similarly healthcare professionals may write a letter of clearance assessing whether a mutual patient is fit for an operation or procedure. A letter of clearance may also be sent to an employee who is leaving a company, instructing them to fulfil certain obligations and return company property.

The employee will often have to get this signed by various departments, certifying that they allowed to leave. A lesser known type of clearance letter may be issued by a union confirming the status of a contractor. Though it has no legal basis, this gives you clearance or at least the peace of mind to go ahead and hire them. For example you might want to request a letter of clearance stating that the contractor is up to date on all their union dues and workers compensation issues.

This is just another way to make sure that they are doing everything within regulations and are a responsible member of the business community. We are just responding to your request for a letter of clearance regarding Clearwater Contracting, We are pleased that you chose to hire a local contractor to complete the work on your house. Our records state that they are up to date on all their union issues, and workers compensation has all been paid. They are an upstanding member of the local business community, and we have no issues with them at the current time.

There have not been any reported issues with Clearwater Contracting in the past either. All employees who have handed in their notice are expected to return to the office and the departments they work for, to tie up loose ends before officially leaving the company. You are hereby instructed to bring this letter to the departments noted below so they can verify that you have met your obligations and have returned all company property. Departments may also wish to have an exit interview, evaluating your time with the company.

This will have no affect on your departure or future employment and is used for internal purposes only. Thank you for your service over the past 5 years and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Our records show that you had valid status from February 06,to June 12,the date which your license expired.

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